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Possible bug involving display of suspended/buried cards

I am using a large deck which has many cards suspended. I am happy that the pie chart under the ‘Statistics’ dialog displays the correct information

However, I would prefer to ignore the suspended cards when analysing my performance on the remainder. When I uncheck the box, the following pie chart results
In particular, all but two of the suspended cards have gone to the new category.

Although the suspended cards in question are in fact new, I would expect not to see them if the suspended and buried cards are separated. Unless I have misunderstood the function of the checkbox, the suspended cards are being incorrectly shown as new cards. Is it in fact a bug? If not, it might help to clarify the function of the checkbox.

I am on Anki 2.49 and have repeated this multiple times, including with add-ons disabled.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the devs, anki has really changed my life over the last few months.

I think this is expected behaviour: 15038 of your suspended cards were actually new when you suspended them. If you click on “separate suspended/buried cards”, Anki will count them as “New”. The same for your mature suspended cards.

The first graph shows your New / Learning / Relearning / Young / Mature cards without counting suspended / buried ones. The second one shows them all, including suspended / buried cards, otherwise the two graphs would be redundant.

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I see, thanks for your response. It does make a lot of sense when you explain it that way.