Alternatives to AnkiBrain

Is there any AI out there that can generate open-ended questions and their answers based on an already existing deck with cloze notes and cards? AnkiBrain requires a file other than .apkg.

Export these cards as .txt and have AnkiBrain read it

Is there a free version of ankibrain

prob not, since chatgpt requires fees to use their API

Does locally installing Ankibrain make the addon work freely? I have looked into the installation method and it seems that it is a long process of things which I don’t know about.

  • Perhaps the OpenAI API key is free for 3 months with a $5 credit for the first time.

  • If you contact the author of Ankibrain, they may give you free credit.

The AnkiBrain payment methods are all US-centric. Cashapp is only present in the US and UK so I cannot top up.

And I guess if I installed locally, it would be messy and the payment methods would all be US-centric as well. So…I guess I just have to give up on making flashcards with AI in Anki then…

Hmm, I found AnkiConnect. But I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get it to make flash cards based on text in my decks

AnkiBrain has a dedicated subreddit, so you may want to ask questions there.

AnkiConnect is the add-on for apps and browsers to communicate with Anki, so I think it is not usable.

There are tools for AI other than AnkiBrain, but there are a lot of them, so it’s unclear which ones will work.

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my addon → :robot:Anki Terminator - ChatGPT Sidebar for Review, GoogleBard, BingChat (by Shige)

​ [ Reddit post ]

This post is an easy way to understand how to make cards using ChatGPT.