Allowing Search Filter To Sort To Next Option With Enter Or Clicking


I have two decks with similar Question IDs (QIDs). One is the Anking deck. Another is a deck I created.

I labeled some cards with my own deck’s QID. When I search for them in Anki’s search filter, it always shows the Anking QID cards first. When I click enter in the search filter, it does not move to the next occurrence of the QID like a PDF but rather just stays with the first occurrence of the QID. Since Anking starts with an A, the search filter only moves to QIDs in the Anking deck while only highlighting the other occurrences of that QID. Is it possible for me to make sure the search filter searches my deck’s QID first rather than Anking’s QID? Is it possible for me to make sure it doesn’t search the Anking deck for QID?


You can control the sorting order of cards in the Browse window.

At the top, above all the rows, one of the column headers has a up-pointing triangle ▲ or a down-pointing triangle ▼, which indicates that you are sorting by that column in either descending or ascending order. By clicking in any other column header once or twice you can sort by that column instead.

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Thanks for your reply! Sorting the columns A to Z would work with current Anki capabilities, but it would not allow the left panel to move to find the next occurrence of the QID like a PDF’s Find Function. Is there a way to get Anki’s Filter to function like PDF’s find function?

Anki Header:


You can use cmd+n to move to the next row.

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