After last update 2.0.90 next card doesn't show from the top sometimes


I couldn’t isolate when it happens. It seems to happen randomly with any note type. Sometimes when you review a card, the next one won’t show from the top, so you have to scroll up to start reading. It’s pretty annoying and slows down the study a lot.

Thanks in advance!

New update looks great, by the way. I love the dimmed zero. It’s so relaxing

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It is possible that, after reviewing one card, the next card is showing from the beginning of the {{Front}} field? So if your card has another field on top of that you have to scroll up to go to the top of the card.

Just a guess.

Would you be able to capture a short video that shows this happening and 1-2 cards before it?


This is a basic note. In case it helps the front template looks like this:

<div class=tag>


Thanks Ivan, I’ve made a note to try to reproduce this problem and see if I can come up with a solution.

I ran through 50 cards in your deck and didn’t see it happen. How frequently does it occur for you?

It happens every time i use it. Not from the beginning but when it starts happening it happens in every card that needs scrolling.

Seems like the scrolling is not reset between cards.

The reason I’m asking is because I need to be able to reproduce the problem to have a chance of fixing it. I tried running through some cards and it didn’t occur, so any extra information you can provide about when and what circumstances it happens would be useful. For example, after how many cards/how long studying does it start? Does it tend to happen after you’ve reviewed certain cards or types of cards?

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