Addon to show a card again later in the same review session without rating it

On a few very specific rare occasions I would like to see a card later (maybe near or at the end) in the same review session without failing the card. Is there an addon or even regular technique that will do this?

Maybe flag the cards when reviewing, then create a filtered deck out of them later?

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Did I understand correctly that you want to postpone the review/rating of a card until the end of the review session?

Slacker’s delight automates a somewhat similar solution to what abdo recommended. I don’t think you could achieve what you want by just flagging, because you would still have to rate them.

As a manual alternative, you could also bury the cards and then unbury them after finishing the review.


The phrase seems out of place; can you explain it ?

What I mean is I would like to put the card un-rated back in the stack and see it again later in the review. I don’t want to fail the card to do this and then start the review spacing over.
I know this goes against Anki’s spaced repetition strategy, but I have specific, RARE, reasons to want to see a card twice and then only rate it the second time. They usually involve me knowing the answer, but taking a second longer to answer than I would have hoped.

The closest you’ll get with standard Anki features is to bury the cards, and unbury them at the end or near end of your review session.

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The add-on "Slacker delight / postpone’’ is the way to go.

But, if i may say so, seeing a review card within a few minutes is not helpful at best; could be harmful at worst. I would do it differently.