Addon for creating cards by handwriting with a pen

I need an addon for creating cards by handwriting with a pen on windows and android. Can anybody program such addon? I tried to code it myself, but there is a lack of documention on how to do this and I there is no addon that could do the same. The addon should do that you can write just into the text field and saves it like an image or something.

Have you tried Touch Screen - draw and write on your cards - AnkiWeb the only draw/write extension that i know atm

also here is the anki documentation:


If you want to go down the path of writing your own add-on:

  1. Take a look at the add-on writing docs:
  2. The docs are not comprehensive, so you have to dive into the code to figure out how to do things: GitHub - ankitects/anki: Anki for desktop computers
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