Additional Card Fields [Official thread]

background: in anki cards can be in three stages, see Studying - Anki Manual

I didn’t mean the card templates but info related to the card itself.

In the browser right click a row (card) in the table and from the context menu select “Info …”. This window shows some card properties in a human friendly formatted way.

I just uploaded an old add-on I once made for myself that shows the card properties in an unformatted way at copy card info (technical) - AnkiWeb.

with those you can check if your cards are new and which ease setting they have.

What ease values do you get for cards where the additional card fields add-on doesn’t work as expected?

The ease for the card is 250% and the
Number of reviews = 8

To get the html output I used {{info-Ease:}} and {{info-Reviews:}}

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I don’t understand your problem anymore. you just said that the ease you see is 250 - but isn’t this what you expeced?

if the ease value is correct the factor value should also be correct (note to myself: relevant source code is at

If you still think that you have a problem with a card I need the all the scheduling info about a card. Use my additional add-on that I mentioned yesterday for this. wehn you have this card for review use the context menu and select the entry “copy card info (technical)”. Then copy the text from the dialog that opens. Also post a screenshot of the card review where the ease value is wrong.

My browser shows all scheduling information and the values for Ease 250% and Reviews = 8 were read from the browser. As you say that is what I expect to see from my html that produced the out where you see from the image both came out a zero.
These zero values were output when I used {{info-Ease:}} etc in the html, they weren’t used to get the values above.

I should add that I had already used the add on on a slightly earlier version of Anki and got zeros then so updated to 2.1.49 to see if that was the problem.

I probably confused you with the brevity of my last message so hopefully my problem is now clear, however if not let me know and I’ll do as you require. It is interesting to note that when I type the {{parameter}} commands into the html Anki informs you if the parameter is recognised or not, if it’s typed incorrectly it isn’t recognised but yours are recognised so the system knows they are there it is just that the returned values are zero.

Let me know if you still need me to get the other scheduling data. It seems in the forum that I may not be able to send a second message until you get back as I’m a first time user. Cheers

are you sure that in the browser you looked at the same card you reviewed? one NOTE in anki can have multiple CARDS.

As I said I need the info from copy card info (technical) - AnkiWeb as well a new screenshot.

Problem solved whilst doing what you suggested! I didn’t realise that the parameters were only populated with the correct scheduling values at review time. I thought they would pick the current values up immediately I modified the html for the card even though it wasn’t yet due for review.

The fact that your Card Info (Technical) is run at review time meant that I then found the parameters were indeed correctly populated and appeared correctly at review time.

Thanks so much for your it is much appreciated!! Cheers

Dear ijgnd,

This may seems a dumb question to you but I’d like to know if there’d be any way to apply your API to Anki on iPadOs. The main purpose would be to show the card ease on the back of a card. If not possible, would you have any advice to do so ?


AnkiMobile supports the v3 scheduler, so you can access card states with custom scheduling (last setting in Anki Desktop deck options):

let indicator = document.getElementById("easeIndicator");
if (!indicator) {
    indicator = document.createElement("div");
    indicator.setAttribute("id", "easeIndicator");
indicator.innerText = `ease: ${
    states.current.normal?.review?.easeFactor ||
    states.current.filtered? ||
    "not available"}`;

You can style the indicator with #easeIndicator. If you want it to show at the bottom, swap “prepend” for “append”. You could also write the indicator into your template and delete the DOM-manipulation part of the script.

Backside only

The custom scheduling script only executes on the front side, so you’ll need to store it for backside display.

For AnkiMobile and Anki Desktop, you can simply store the ease in globalThis:

globalThis.ease =
    states.current.normal?.review?.easeFactor ||
    states.current.filtered? ||
    "not available";

and add the following to your back template:

<div id="easeIndicator"></div>

   document.getElementById("easeIndicator").innerText = `ease: ${globalThis.ease}`;
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Is it possible to display some values conditionally, so that they don’t take space in review mode? What I mean by this is that for example field content can be displayed conditionally:

Could it be possible to have:


Second issue:
Would it be possible add separate display value for relearning, so that it can be displayed as word, not as numerical value like in this:

{{info-Type:}} - 0=suspended, 1=learning, 2=normal, 3=relearning