Bug report version 2.1.44

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right place or if this has already been reported/worked on/is my pcs fault.

Since I updated to 2.1.44 the following problems appeared:

  • when I create a new card or change something in a old card I have to wait a few seconds before I add the card, otherwise my last inputs aren’t appearing in the newly created/changed card
  • when I create a new card it will add the card, but it keeps the answer/back of the card in the adding window, which disturbs the workflow since I always have to delete the old input.

I already tried the steps recommended (restart etc) but it didn’t change anything…

Thank you for the help and sorry if it already came up :slight_smile:

Are you possibly using the frozen fields add-on?

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Check also if this option (Browser > Fields) is deactivated:
Captura de pantalla 2021-06-08 224706

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Hi, thank you for your replies!
I don’t use the addon you were referring to and I checked the settings, the box is not ticked.
What I realised is that the problem with the answer reappearing only happens when I:

  1. create a card
  2. open the card in the browser via the History button
  3. close the browser

Maybe it’s my pc… After my exam I’ll reset the pc and see if that helps.

I faced this problem as well. For me, it was solved when I disabled the add-on Resize images in editor.

@cqg thanks for highlighting the “Remember last input when adding” option for fields, I had forgotten about that one, but do you know where to find the same settings for Tags? It always bugs me that when adding new cards the previous added card’s tags remain.

I think it’s an automatic feature, not an option. Adding a new card will always remember the last tag. If you delete it, the next card won’t have any tag.

I find it very useful.

That was the problem! Thank you very much !