Adding possibility of training chess in anki

Hi. Anki algorithms are great for learning anything. Do you think it would be possible to make an add-on that let you import PGN-files. This is format in which you can save chess moves (chess board with pieces would also be helpful). In chess you need to memorize some certain sequence of the strongest moves in the beginning of the game. There are lots of warriants - possible lines - to learn so this kind of free tool could be really helpful.

hello. I am a beginner of js programming language.
I think ankimobile is very powerful.
You can set up a specific set of templates for ankimobile, which uses js language to read the actions of each piece within a specific field.
This does not depend on any particular file, it just requires the user to write information about the step to a specific field and read and render it through js.
(>^ω^<).This is just an idea of mine and I am still learning the js language.
Bless you will be able to find the corresponding template.

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There is an interactive chess template for anki: GitHub - TowelSniffer/Anki-Chess-2.0: An interactive chess template for anki.


I didn’t know this kind of stuff existed. Thanks a lot, awesome thing

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