Gamify AnkiDroid

Could we add Gamification features to AnkiDroid similar to the copycat app “AnkiGame”?

DM me for links to AnkiGame details

Please no!! I hate gamification.

Hi, I’m a developer specialising in add-ons for Anki gamefication(Nothing to do with official Anki). In Anki on mobile devices, I can use card templates to add various game-like features, like this. Works on AnkiMobile, AnkiDroid and Desktop (AnkiWeb can’t play audio).

Other card templates currently under development include a seconds-counting progress bar and RFG-style random Gif animations(Backgrounds, heroes, enemies, explosion animations, etc). I think it would be interesting to have pop-ups like hit markers or puppy reinforcements.

But the disadvantage is that its not easy to change these note types (These are interesting but obviously interfere for learning). Also, using existing templates requires knowledge of HTML and CSS. So I want to use add-on to quickly change the template or change the design randomly.


@Shigeyuki Great work. Is it possible to apply this template to an existing deck?

It is possible but complicated, so I want to make these steps easier(Shared deck or add-on).

If using this in existing decks, it is necessary to change the note type.

  • [PC] Brose > Select Cards > Right click > Notes > Change Note Type

This prototype template has six fields.

  • Front, Back, image, info, sound, more info

When changing from a note type with more than six fields, the information in the fields will be lost (Need to add fields to protect them).

Also, the width of Front and Back is too narrow so they cannot be shown if the text is long.

This is a really interesting topic! I’d love to see more gamification features for Anki or apps that support gamification through Anki. I’d love to be able to make something like that one day since I use Anki to study so much in my workflow.

There are no gamification add-ons available for AnkiDroid, but there are already many gamification add-ons available for Desktop. Try using them to play and learn.


  1. [ Pokémanki ] Reviewing in Anki, you can catch Pokémon and raise them from eggs
  2. [ Anki Habitica ] Works with Habitica, an app that turns habits into RPG games. When reviewing with Anki, you can earn experience and items (Habitica is also free)
  3. [ Leaderboard ] Anki’s learning information can be used to rank users and allow them to compete in leagues. You can also invite your friends to compete
  4. [ Hitmarkers ] When you answer, hit markers appear like FPS games
  5. [ Anki Killstreaks ] When you get consecutive correct answers, you get kill coins
  6. [ Puppy Reinforcement ] Answer with Anki and you will see a cute puppy
  7. [ Progress Bar ] Progress bar shows the progress of today’s deck
  8. [ Life Drain ] Add a life bar to your review, you must answer within the time limit. It can also be used as a pomodoro timer
  9. [ Answer visual ] Add visual feedback when you answer. Customize it to add button sounds
  10. [ Audiovisual Feedback ] Add visual feedback when you answer
  11. [ Anki fanfare(fork) ] Add visual feedback when you answer. It can be downloaded from Github
  12. [ Beautify-Anki_2.0 ] You can change Anki’s design to something cool
  13. [ Advanced Review Bottom Bar ] The design of the answer button can be customised
  14. [ Congrats Confetti! ] Show confetti when you complete the deck
  15. [ Play a celebration ] When the deck is completed, a sound is played
  16. [ RuneScape ] Gain experience and level up your skills when you review
  17. [ Anki Time ] When you lose focus and leave Anki, alarm will sound
  18. [ Birl Reinforcement ] Crazy bodybuilders regularly shout and encourage you
  19. [ Random Sprites ] it randomly generates a small image
  20. [ Review Pass Rate Bar ] Displays a bar showing the percentage of review cards passed in the last 7 days
  21. [ numbers2█▓▒░ ] Displays the progress of the card count as stripes
  22. [ Anki with Friends ] The player battles with the player on the speed of completion of the deck
  23. [ Contanki ] Contanki allows Anki to be used with a gamepad or other controller device
  24. [ Ankimote ] remote to control Anki from your phone
  25. [ Let it Snow! ] It snows on Anki, but there is a bug that heats up CPU usage.
  26. [ MemoBeam ] Send flashcards directly to your brain. Available for 1 April only.
  27. [ Review Heatmap ] Information on the current streak is displayed alongside the heatmap