I'm new , how to customize anki

How can I customize my decks from anki, I’m starting to get bored with anki ,

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What sort of customization advice are you looking for?
If you’re changing things “just” to change things, you might make things worse for yourself in terms of learning.


In appearance, it looks simple to me

This should get you started on Styling. Styling & HTML - Anki Manual

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In my Forked Add-ons, Pokemanki and ProgressBar are the most popular.


You can find card templates online.

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Where it’ll be really cool :grinning:

Posted in your recent thread, but here is the link to get template for any lurkers out there


Relevant discussion

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I mean skins or themes, not packages of cards

bro… how do you download cards without the note type? sharing our cards is how we share note type usually. people can also sometimes post the code for template directly on github and such.

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