Add on for already installed add on

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Anki has changed my life and Add ons have been so helpful.
I just wondeinring if there is a way or an addon I can use to download all my existing addons. So when I reinstall anki, or install anki on other computers I dont have to search them all over again.


You don’t need another add-on for that. When you install Anki on another computer, as long as it’s the same version of Anki that you’re currently using, you can copy your addons21 folder from the old computer to the new one. Managing Files - Anki Manual

If it’s not the same version of Anki – it might work anyway, but you should strongly consider upgrading on your old computer first, so you can see which add-ons are compatible with the new version of Anki before you try them on the new computer.


You are amazing !!!
Thank you very much !!!