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Add ons don't be installed fully


i have the latest version of the Anki app on my laptop, and I was trying to get Add ons, but it is not possible.

When I put the code for the add ons, I get a message saying “it was successful, and in order to use it I have to restart my ANKI”
I restart my Anki app, but still, I haven’t got any Adds on.
Could you please help me, with this?

Which add on are you trying to install exactly? Does it happen with other add ons as well?

it doesn’t matter which one, because it happens for all of them.

For all of them, I get this message. “Download complete. please restart to apply changes”

After, restarting, no changes happen.


In any case, I would suggest you to provide more details about the exact version you’re using, the exact steps you’re doing, the exact plugins you have tried, what are the expected changes, and what you’re actually getting.

This way you help other users to figure out what your problem really could be: a bug, an incompatible add on, or simply user error.

I am using Anki 2.1.44.
When I open my Anki app, in order to get new Add ons,

  1. click on tools
  2. Then, click on Add ons
  3. put the code(getting from website) for the Add ons

After doing these steps, I get the attached below message that says “download is complete, but needs to restart to apply the changes.”

But, after reopening my Anki, I don’t get any new adds on.

Ok, I see that you’ve installed Anki zoom

That particular addon just adds the ability of zoom in / out by pressing Ctrl + + / Ctrl + - , and is working OK on my system (2.1.45a). Sorry if my question is too obvious but, by saying “I don’t get any addons” you mean that by pressing Ctrl + + / Ctrl + - you don’t get any zoom, right?


Appreciate your help.

The mistake was from me. It is working, now.

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