Add marker and make colouring option more easy

I HAVE BEEN USING ANKI ON MY IPAD AS WELL AS WINDOWS LAPTOP(microsoft store one,its easy to use marker and coluring text here rather in new updates one cant use marking and coloring option is bit lagging).DO SOMETHING,ATLEAST ADD THE MARKER

I don’t think “Anki Universal” (the Windows app) has an association with the official Anki, so I’m not sure what can be done for you here. There are many imposter/alternative apps that do similar things as you can’t copyright smart flashcards or the Japanese for rote memorization (what Anki means). You could try reviewing the app with your issue.

Anki is the PC/Mac app, the Ankiweb service, the IOS app and the semi-official Ankidroid android app as far as I know.


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