Add buttons to the "Congratulations" screen in filtered decks

Anki Desktop has three buttons on the “Congratulations” screen after finishing a filtered deck: Options, Rebuild and Empty (see below).

Any chance of having these buttons in AnkiDroid? There is already the Options icon in the top right corner, but what about the other two? There’s a lot of unused space there.


In feat: use the backend’s congrats screen (, Brayan wrote:

Also, the screen should have some buttons like the Desktop version do.

AnkiMobile doesn’t have them explicitly as well, only under the gear with 300+ options in the reviewer, so moving the buttons to Svelte and reusing them in all platforms is the least resistance path IMO

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The congratulations page in Anki can be improved a lot. For example here it says “the daily limit has been reached”, some users they don’t set their limits properly in subdecks which they don’t immediately realise from this screen. One more thing that can go wrong is someone can have all their cards in a filtered deck and a new user might not even notice it. And then if your deck has new cards all suspended, it shows “if you want to study outside of your regular schedule…”, now that’s not the right message to show. The screen helps but a lot of improvement is still needed.