Add an image into a note type?

Hey everyone! So basically i am a very lazy person, and i also make a lot of anki cards for economics which involves drawing on them using a market axis. Is there anyway i can permanently embed an image like this into a note type? Thank you!!!

It’s absolutely possible! I have done something similar together with a friend of mine for our Anki Deck about swiss mountains.

The basic idea is to store your picture in Anki2/User 1/media.collection/_yourpicture.fileextension

and then referencing it in your note type as in normal HTML:
<img src=_yourpicture.fileextension>

The underscore at the beginning of the file name is important iirc
Where exactly your Anki2 folder is is platform specific.

Edit: Or did I not quite understand your question correctly. Is it always the same image or differing ones?


Thank you so much!!! I’ll test this out right now thank you!!!

You’re welcome. Let me know if it works.

You might need to add some styling like width=100% and similar to your img tag for Anki to reliably render the picture.

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Yep that worked perfectly; thank you so much!!!

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