Activating the V2.1 scheduler

I have for about 300 learning cards, and I want to activate the V2.1 scheduler, because I need to use the feature “filtered deck” for my exam. Is there any way to activate them without passing all my learning cards to New ? Is it possible to export all my decks out, activate it and them import them again keeping their ease as it was ?
Thank you very much

How many cards are waiting for the next step? What the value of each step ? Example: 3 day – 50 cards, 5d-- 200 cards, etc.

The idea is to tag them by their interval;
let them reset; then - reschedule in bulk for the value of the Previous Learn Step.

Do you think you can handle this ? ( you should export the deck / collection before starting ).

Does anyone sees any flaw in this process?

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