Account - lost data

Hey, my computer has just broke and I spent hours making revision cards on anki. I randomly took a photo of a card and at the top it says ‘signed in as’ so I’m assuming that is the email I used for the account. But when I try log in on my mums laptop it says no user found. Please could you let me know how I can get them flashcards back. I have exams next week and I’m really in need of them.
Look forward to hearing back!
Many thanks
Sophia Antas

Anki doesn’t show such a message on cards, so either you were using an add-on or a custom template (like AMBOSS). I’m afraid if you did not set up syncing as shown in the following intro video, it will not be possible to recover your data.

The account you’re posting from does appear to have an AnkiWeb account, but you don’t appear to have ever synced to it.

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