A very simple change that would clear up a lot of misunderstanding

When a deck is imported to the desktop version of Anki, it comes like this:


For a new Anki user, it is extremely unclear and non-evident that if you click the “+” button, the subdecks show up:
Because the “+” looks like it’s part of the deck title, not a button you’re supposed to click.

I am the uploader of this popular deck:

I get a massive amount of reviews from people who get confused, because they don’t know they are supposed to click the “+” symbol to view the subdecks.

So here’s my suggestion. Change the behavior of Anki in a way, that decks imported come expanded by default. Full expanded, like this:

Another massive source of confusion among new Anki users, comes from users who don’t realize they have the card order set to “random”, but I’ll save that for another thread.

I think it would be nice to also change the - symbol to a more prominent icon.

I’m not sure about expanding by default - some users may be surprised to get a wall of decks after downloading one shared deck. Changing the expand/contract action definitely makes sense, but that whole screen is due for a revamp, so it would be more efficient to wait until then.

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I will wait and see how that screen will change, otherwise I will really have to put a message like "When you download, click the ‘+’ symbol to expand the decks!" in each of my 53 shared decks :sweat_smile:

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