A suggested mechanism for semi-automating unsuspension and un-leeching

Recently the “Create/update this deck even if empty” option was added to Filtered Deck options.

Would it perhaps make sense to add another option, for “Do not exclude suspended cards” ?

Suspended cards are often the very ones that you might want to target for extra custom study. However suspended cards are currently explicitly excluded from being gathered by filtered decks.

Under this idea, when a suspended card was being reviewed in a filtered deck, selecting Good or Easy would automatically unsuspend it, and behind the scenes, the note itself would be untagged “leech” if a quick check verifies that the note has no other suspended cards.

Furthermore, selecting Easy would not just unsuspend the card and untag the note, but would reset the leech count (for leech threshold purposes) back to zero.

Maybe there could even be a small visual reminder that the card being reviewed is a suspended card, incorporating the same yellowish background that suspended cards display in the rows of the table in the Browse window.

Is this something that could be accomplished entirely within an add-on? I have very limited experience writing add-ons, and somehow doubt that an add-on would have the ability to turn on gathering of suspended cards by filtered decks.

Filtered decks use the regular review process, and the regular review process excludes suspended cards, so this would be quite involved, and is not just a matter of changing which cards are placed into the filtered deck.