A new addon for 2.1.61: Deck Selector [Official Thread]

It allows you to change the deck with the up/down keys in the main page.


You can also get the source code in github.


Not to downplay your contribution, but isn’t this already possible with Tab (down) and Shift+Tab (up)? Or did I miss something and this addon does something else (e. g. expanding list of sub-decks) too?

Err…I have to admit that I didn’t know it.


Well, since you already have the wrapper for listening to key presses ready, it shouldn’t take much work to upgrade it and add for example something to expand sub-packages (→ key maybe), collapse them (←) or expand/collapse them all at once (maybe ←/→ while Ctrl is held…?) That would be really useful, as hitting the tiny +/– signs with my mouse is kinda annoying. Just an idea :wink:

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It would be easy to do this, but Tab and Enter also fulfill this need :melting_face:.

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