[23.10] new preset without saving → FSRS buttons use filtered deck

It’s a bug, please see below instead.

How much history is needed?

■ Young 5 0.6%
■ Mature 735 88.24%
■ Suspended 25 3%
Days studied: ⁨2,528⁩ of ⁨4,916⁩ (⁨51⁩%)
Total: ⁨9,189⁩ reviews

This year:
Days studied: ⁨105⁩ of ⁨365⁩ (⁨29⁩%)
Total: ⁨183⁩ reviews
Average for days studied: ⁨2⁩ reviews/day
Average over period: ⁨1⁩ review/day

Does it strongly prefer FSRS-reviewed cards or something?
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I believe you need 1000 reviews, so it’s quite strange that you get this error.

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Actually, it works with the deck, but if I clone a preset and click “Optimize” without clicking “Save” at the top, it uses cards from the filtered deck that has cards in it (it is also the first filtered deck in the list, and I don’t use the other ones) and says:

Only ⁨458⁩ reviews were found.⁩ You must have at least 1000 reviews to generate custom weights.
Evaluate still works, apparently that’s enough for it

The search query finds the cards that are in the filtered deck. If the filtered deck is empty, it shows “Error: 500: Insufficient review history to perform this operation”.


Logged on Users get confused when they try to train weights without saving · Issue #2797 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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