2 people using one ankidroid

me and my partner have only one mobile, and no computer (living off grid)

We want to use both ankidroid,
I tried duplicating a deck but encountered error, how can I duplicate a deck so we can use it separately?


Hi, I’d recommend downloading Parallel.A from: Release AnkiDroid 2.17.6 · ankidroid/Anki-Android · GitHub

This is a separate copy of AnkiDroid with different settings.

If you’re living off the grid, please be sure to do a full backup with media regularly on both apps


hello david
thank you for that info
I installed the parallel A and created a new anki web account for sync,
then when I create a change in one program it creates the same change in the other, thus not letting me work separately in two programs. and when I tried to resync to older sync it erased all decks
also when I open one program and try to open the other the same time it says that the data base is used by the other program, so can’t open
any clue what went wrong?

Check the AnkiDroid Directory Advanced setting, they could potentially be the same, but that’s doubtful.

If you’re syncing to different profiles, I couldn’t see how this would happen

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