2.1.56 qt6 apple silicone does not fix highlighting color like qt5 update

The color of highlight in qt6 apple silicone is exactly the same as the blue which is very confusing. I know this was fixed for qt5 intel but for qt6 apple silicone its not fixed

Do you mean the color shown for lines in the sidebar that match the current search, or do you mean something else?

I mean the flag 4 color is light blue and so is the highlight color when selecting cards in browser in light mode. I know qt5 got a darker blue for when highlighting but qt6 apple silicone didnt get that fix so if you have something flagged blue you cant tell if youre selecting it.

I can’t reproduce this with the latest beta version - the colors are different.

Yeah the beta is fine Im talking about 2.1.56 qt6 so itll prob be fixed with the next update

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