2.1.50 Fullscreen - Windows taskbar doesn't disappear

I tried the fullscreen mode after changig the graphics to software and it works, but the Windows taskbar is still shown (Win 10)
I pressed a few buttons and maximized and minimized with different windows sizes, but I could not find a way to solve it.

I can’t seem to reproduce this in either the Qt5 or Qt6 builds on my Win 10 system - the window covers the bottom bar for me. Did you try without add-ons?

That’s strange. I started Anki without addons and the bottom bar is still there in fullscreen

Anyone else seeing this issue?

Here in OPENGL it says my system doesn’t support fullscreen mode.
In ANGLE or SOFTWARE, it works normally;

Anki 2.1.51 (QT5)

Working properly here. I’ve had that problem before, but it turned out to be a W10 issue, not related to Anki.

(I use qt6, if there is a difference)

I’m not sure, if it’s a Win10 problem. Every other application in fullscreen works fine …