Words pushed together?

I am having a problem. Many of my cards were created via scanning with text recognition. I think this may be relevant for my question. I find that many of my cards have text with words that are pushed together, with no spaces. When I try to edit it, I am unable to simply delete characters or add spaces, as desired. The behavior is very odd. I note then when I view the cards in other versions of Anki, I see notations of &nspb… (or something like that, I can’t recall exactly). I assume that has something to do with it. Anyway, this problem is in hundreds of cards. Is there something I can do to fix this issue across the board? Thanks.

  is a non-breaking space in HTML. You can use Anki’s Find and Replace tool to convert all of them to regular spaces. However, that is probably not the only artifact in your data. Select one of the problematic fields and press Ctrl+Shift+X to edit the raw HTML (for Anki desktop).
It would be best to sanitise the data before you import it into Anki. Maybe your text recognition software offers a tool for this?

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Thanks. Very helpful.