Wondering which add-on they used here


I’ve come across this YouTube video suggesting Anki as a memorization tool and blah blah blah and I’ve noticed that their flashcards look nice!
They’re in black and white, they’ve got rounded corners, I just love the way they look.
So I wanna know if they used an add-on for that, and if yes then which?
How did they do that?
I’m fairly new to Anki so I have no idea.

Thank you for the help

I think that’s just CSS styling. Can’t tell you what they did because I’m also a total noob but maybe that can help you refine your search.


The style of the card was very likely made by modifying the html and css attributes of the card as the other user suggested, but that little piece of information with a red square you see in the first image is related to the addon See Previous Card Ratings in Reviewer.

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Maybe also check: GitHub - pranavdeshai/anki-prettify: Collection of customizable Anki flashcard templates with modern and clean themes.