Windows-installer should acquire administrator authority automatically

I used installed old version (not very old) of anki desktop for windows in the path C:\Program Files\anki\.

But when I downloaded the latest version for windows and run it (file name: anki-23.10.1-windows-qt6.exe), I got an alert message box said:

Error opening file for writing:
C:\Program Files\Anki\anki-console.bat
Click Retry to try again, or
Cancel to stop the installation.

But there’s not any process using this anki-console.bat file… there even NO such file in the directory C:\Program Files\Anki\.

Then, I realized that this directory is protected and only can be written by Windows’ administrator.

So I right-click the installer file and run it as administrator and installation is done successfully.

I suggest that the windows’ installer file cound require administrator authority automatically while it’s double-clicked.

The default install location in recent updates is in the user’s own folder, so the installer no longer requests admin privileges. This also allows users on school/work machines to install Anki even if they are not an admin.

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