Windows desktop sync error

When I try to sync my windows desktop app I get the following error:
JsonError { info: “duplicate field excludeFromSearch at line 1 column 24707” }

Anyone able to help me with this?


Hmm, is this with 2.1.65? If so, how does the latest beta fare? Beta Testing - Anki Forums

Yes, v.2.1.65. Did not try Beta (did not even know they exist)
Anyway, I exported all of my decks individually. Once exported, I deleted everything; decks, apps, all of it. Then, I re-installed a clean copy of 2.1.65, and re-installed each deck, checking for a proper sync after each deck. After all were added, I got a normal sync with Windows and iOS. Now, what I think may have happened with the error, is that I had Anki 5 v. 2.1.49 and upgraded to v. 2.1.65. Then, I upgraded to Anki 6 which is when I stated getting the error. Afterwards, to address the error, I used the downgrade option to leave Anki 6 and install Anki 5 v. 2.1.65. But, the error persisted. I think that, somehow, going from Anki 5 to Anki 6 created some type of error – but, I don’t know. I’m back with Anki 5, and I’m a little hesitant to try to upgrade again. Perhaps I’ll let sleeping dogs alone. Thanks for your reply.

I recommend keeping your desktop Anki up to date if you can, as when you have a mix of older and newer clients, the chances of complications are somewhat increased. The error you hit was a bug in the way newer settings are made available to older clients. I’ve deployed a fix to AnkiWeb that should mostly fix this, and the fix will also be in the next update of each client.

Also please note that -qt5/-qt6 refers to the graphics library, and not Anki’s logic. If you’re using 2.1.65, there should be no differences between qt5 and qt6 in terms of syncing/compatibility with other clients.

Thank you, Dae. I’m now using Qt5 2.1.65. Should I leave it as is, or should I use Qt6 2.1.65.


The tradeoffs are listed here: Install & Upgrade - Anki Manual

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