Wiki post test TL3

I should be able to convert this post to wiki once created.

However normal users may also make their post Wiki, provided their trust level is high enough (by default TL3).

edit: Now it should be converted to a wiki post, TL1+ users can edit this.

edit2: just to check the edit history.

edit3: waited longer than 5 to edit, just to check it this create a edit history now.

edit4: Wiking stuff test «^‿^»

Cool! I understand how to do it. I’ll create a meaningul wiki post tomorrow. It’s 0:35 am for me now.

@dae does a “wiki” tag makes sense? using the category that better fits the post and then having tag will be easier to filter in the future. So a user could filter wiki posts across all categories or filtering down by category.

Tags are not enabled at the moment, as they default to off. Anyone who has used other Discourse forums with tags want to chime in with their opinion of them?

Sleep well :slight_smile: