Research with Anki


just to share a though. Would be nice to have a section with a list of sientific studies that used Anki. For instance this one. I think this would add more credit to the project even though most of people won’t read the articles.


This is the advice Discourse gives:

Don’t create too many initial categories , as you can overwhelm your audience. You can always add more categories, and easily bulk recategorize topics later. It’s better to figure out the organization as you go rather than assuming you’ll get it all right from the beginning.

Perhaps the scheduling category would be a better place for now?

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Okay. I chose no category since I found none were a good fit. I do not see how can I edit it now.

I’ve moved it for you. When editing a post there should be a drop-down to select a category - does it not appear? There’s only a short window to edit posts at first:

Users at trust level 3 can…

Recategorize and rename topics

I think only level 3 and higher can change the category.

But only if the topic is not your own, i.e. you are not the author. If you created the topic, you should be able to edit things up to some grace period.

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Nice. I just tried and I guess the grace period has expired now. I’ll pay attention next time. Thank you

By the way, what about the original post idea?

I agree with dae, placing things on the Scheduling category should be enough instead of having more categories. Other than that, we can also distinct between posts on the Scheduling by prefixing the article’s ones with [article] Title of the Article

I do not think that you grace period has expired yet for this post. I think that you cannot change it anymore because an user with admin level has changed it. Such restriction is useful for admins not having the changes overridden by normal users.

That makes sense. I’ll create a new post for a shared add-on of mine to test this. I’ll put a wrong category to just change it to add-ons to make sure I got this.