Suggest new FAQ entry

What is the best practice in case I want to suggest a new FAQ entry. Asking here or a straight PR?

What topic did you have in mind? At one point I’d like to experiment with wiki posts on this site as well.

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I noticed some recently recurring questions from reddit users. I think sharing a link to the FAQ will come in handy just as linking to a section of the manual.

Trust level 3 is needed for wiki editing rights, and level 3 needs 100 days. I suppose that will be possible in early September.

You mean creating wiki posts here on discourse or the GitHub FAQ repository?

Originally I meant the latter. For creating wiki posts here as Damien suggests we’ll have to wait until some users reach trust level 3.

I believe Discourse allow me to mark a regular post as a wiki post, so to avoid the wait you could create a normal post and I could change it for you. After that, any TL1+ user should be able to edit it if I’ve understood things correctly.

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On the metadiscourse they state that new users at Trust Level 0 can not edit wiki posts. So I also guess TL1+ and up can. For creating wiki posts or either marking a regular post as a wiki post TL3+ is needed. So it could be you .

Shall we carry on a mock entry? For instance

I was thinking more along the lines of starting with new FAQ entries rather than moving old ones over at this point. Do the FAQ(s) you wanted to cover fit in one of the existing categories?

Downloading or uploading collection when on new device. It’s in the manual. One specific case is when a newbie users sync against an empty collection as they choose download. Last week this was asked almost daily (even tough a quick google solves the problem).

I guess a new FAQ entry adressing this particular case would combat the too long -didn’t read.

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.28 only offers a single choice if one side is empty, which should make it impossible to make a mistake.

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Nice to know. In this case then the recomendation should just be upgrading to .28 once it is stable released.

I’ll keep in mind this thread for next occasion I’d consider a wiki post.

Today I just got the trust level 3. Later on I’d try to make a wiki post about the graphs.

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