Why don't the new, learning, and due cards add up correctly?

I like to study using the “all” deck, but recently, once I finish “all,” there are still cards marked as “due” from the sub-decks. Looking at the decks page, the number of “due” cards in “all” is less than the total of due cards across my different decks. Why is this happening? I’ve attached screenshots of my decks page and the options page of my “all” deck.

I’ve tried just studying deck-by-deck, but I’d prefer all my due cards be interspersed to mimic a test-like dynamic.

As I responded in your last post

You have limits on your “All” deck. You set your max reviews/day to 500. (Although I acknowledge the math doesn’t immediately make sense after that, so there might be more things to check once that is fixed.)

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Apologies, I missed your response on my other post. Thank you for explaining!

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