Why did it all of a sudden go out of order?

Here is my schedule for inhouse lectures

When I do a new card, it is showing the usual 2m again, 10m good. When I click 10m good, the next time I see it the good is now 3d, hard 1d, again 2m… why is it completely skipping my 1d to be good? Hasn’t done this before until today when I tried adding some more days within the learning steps. I also save to all subdecks whenever I make any changes to this.

Also, for the new cards I did yesterday (which this problem wasn’t happening) that I am seeing today, the next “good” is 4d instead of 3d like what I want, with the “hard” being 3d

If you changed the number of learning steps while cards were in learning, steps may be repeated or skipped.

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