Where Does Anki Store Deck Names, Options, etc?

I am trying to conduct a quantitative survey of Anki use, and I have collected several databases from the desktop version of Anki which I am trying to analyze. I have successfully extracted information from the revlog, cards, and notes table, but I cannot figure out where information on decks is located.

Specifically, I am hoping to identify, based on a deck ID did gotten from the cards table, the name of the deck and the learning options associated with that deck (for example, the steps, new cards/day, graduating interval, maximum reviews/day, and other settings in the options menu for the deck)

I saw online that this information might be stored in the col table, however I was unable to locate it there in the database I am working with. Any information on this would be very helpful! I have a background in computer science and have used Anki, but have no experience with the Anki codebase beyond what I’ve seen opening up the database with the SQLite Browser.

I’m working with a database from Anki version 2.1.33

I believe did refers to the id column of the decks table. Deck options are stored in the deck_config table, but the actual data (in the config column) seems to be stored in a binary form. It’s not obvious to me how decks are joined to deck configs; the ID of the deck config might be stored in the common or kind columns of decks.

this link is very, very useful for me: Database Structure · ankidroid/Anki-Android Wiki · GitHub

in my “DB Browser for SQLite” (I think that’s their newer name) i can see the json/plain text for decks and dconf in the table col.

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