File location information

I’ve created a deck but I don’t know where the file is located.
Would it be possible to introduce this information somewhere in Anki?
Thank you

Decks are not stored in individual files unless you export them.

Unfortunately it doesn’t help since the decks are not there. Could you please improve the manual to explain it better. Should I first export my deck to a location? When I add in the future new cards will the file in the new location be updated?

You can export a deck or any other subset of notes to a single file, which you can save everywhere and share with others. This file isn’t updated automatically. If you add notes to your deck later, you have to update the exported file manually.

What’s your use case here? What do you want to do with the deck ‘file’ you’re asking about?

I would like to have a folder with all my Anki files. At the moment I don’t know where are my Anki files saved. I don’t understand why it cannot work as a normal file that you know where it is located and thta you can send to someone else for example.

How do you want these files organized? Anki saves everything (except media) in a single binary file, a database dump called collection.anki2. The location depends on your OS.

If you want a file for each deck, use the export function described above.

If you want a file for each note, you can use Ki (full disclosure, I am the maintainer of this tool).

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