When I press sync, the software has a popup that quickly closes then crashes

As the title says, I downloaded Anki on desktop recently. I open the application and when I click on sync and put in my details, there’s a quick popup and then my application crashes.

System? Anki Version (qt5 or qt6)?

Try Troubleshooting - Anki Manual

Is this a fresh install that hasn’t connected to sync before? Sorry, but there’s a known crash issue right now in 24.04. I think this might be what you’re seeing.

There are 2 workarounds for now:

  • If you get the “Download from AnkiWeb” confirmation screen just before the crash, you can hit Enter very quickly and it will proceed with the sync (you’ll only have to do this the first time).
  • You can Downgrade to 23.12.x, get sync set up, and then upgrade to 24.04 again.

It was qt6

It worked!

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