When export, why an option for 2.1.50+? what difference? thx

i googled and seems cant find answer,

i dont want use up other’s time.

a link will be good enough, thank you.

ps i am on 2.1.54, qt6, windows. pair with anki droid.

ps: in 2.1.50’s thread, seems there is error thus need to use the new version?
so i should export as new version instead?


here more info:


Beta 7

Build 02ba50f2 / 2022-03-15.

This release has been yanked due to bugs in colpkg imports. Please wait for the next beta.

  • Reworked .colpkg import/export (thanks to Rumo):
    • When exporting, you can optionally target Anki 2.1.50+. When doing so, imports and exports are faster, and media files will be compressed, but the resulting .colpkg will not be readable by older Anki clients.
    • Collections are now checked for corruption when importing.
  • Various fixes for the editor (thanks to Henrik):
  • Allow longer maximum answer times in the deck settings (thanks to Bruce).
  • The custom study screen no longer (sometimes incorrectly) limits the amount you can extend the daily limits by.
  • Fix an intermittent error when building on Windows.

Beta 6

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It’s also mentioned on Exporting - Anki Manual

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