What is the "Votes" button for?

I am a relatively new user of this forum. And I would like to ask - what is the purpose of the “Votes” button that appears when you click on your own profile and then click on “Activity”. What is the difference between this button and the “Likes” button?

My guess is it’s related to these polls. I’m going to test that.
edit1: My activity didn’t change after voting. If it’s these polls, it’s probably only for the first comment of a topic.
edit2: I found a topic with an initial comment that had a poll and voted. That also didn’t change my activity.

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They’re available for construction under the gear icon while posting

the gear icon


Not enabled here, I think.


Well, it seems Danika is right. Now I remembered that in one of the Discourse forums (related to some software app) these Votes were enabled for the topics from the “Suggestions” category. Every forum user had a some small number of votes (say 5). He could “spend” these votes on topics from the “Suggestions” category (no more than 1 vote for 1 topic). If the suggestion from such topic was implemented, the user would get their vote back and could spend it on some other suggestion topic.
And there was also a “Votes” button in the main interface of the forum (near “Top” button). When the user clicked it, the topics from the “Suggestions” category were opened, sorted by the number of votes. This was really handy.
Essentially, this voting scheme is quite similar to the voting scheme of the subdomains of uservoice.com.

I’m curious why this Anki forum doesn’t use Votes in a similar way for the “Suggestions” category topics… There are so many topics in this forum, and many good suggestion topics get buried quickly after they appear (they just fall down the list of topics over time). So users and Anki creators can’t see which “Suggestions” are the most desired by the audience. Yes, they can click the “Top” button, but this button only sorts topics by the number of views (or posts?) over some period of time. This is definitely not as valuable as sorting by the number of votes (or likes).

I guess Anki development is not necessarily driven by community votes for a certain feature.

Implementing this Discourse feature might give a wrong impression.

Yes, but I believe that most people are not so naive to think that if a feature gets a high number of votes or likes, then it is necessary for developers to implement it. Of course, Anki developers are the ones who make the final decision - to start implementing the feature or not, and their opinion might not agree with the users’ opinion. But at least a high number of votes is a good sign that the feature is important enough to consider the possibility of its realization.
Personally, I don’t see any real harm in the existence of a large number of uservoice websites that use a voting model very similar to Discourse Votes. I think these and other similar voting websites do more good than harm.

Anki had a UserVoice site at one point, and I didn’t find it particularly useful. Users would propose changes that weren’t practical to implement or did not align with the direction I thought Anki should be going, and then would argue that because the proposal had accumulated votes, that it must be implemented.

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