Moving to subcategories

AnkiDroid recently started using this forum for their support/suggestions, which has necessitated a move to subcategories so the suggestions don’t get all mixed together. Please let me know if you notice any issues.


Can Discourse be configured in a way, that the category and subcategory are displayed in the topic overview (E.g. Anki → Help)? In mobile view only the subcategories are displayed.

It seems to show both for me - maybe it depends on your screen size?

Looks like this on a standard iPhone Pro screen.

Ok, I see what you mean. It’s the same on a computer, and I don’t think it can be changed. You can tell from the colors though, and if you surf to one of the parent categories (eg Anki - Anki Forums), you can focus on one platform at once.

I don’t know how much control you have over the colors, but I think some clarity could be added to the navigation menu by adjusting some of them.

  1. Add-ons should be a distinct color from AnkiDroid (but see below).
  2. Syncing & AnkiWeb should be a distinct color from AnkiMobile (but see below).
  3. I think Help is the same color for all 3 categories, but it doesn’t look like it (at least in the dark theme), because of the contrast to the main category colors.
    • Perhaps the red that is currently used for Scheduling would contrast better?
  4. Suggestions should be the same color for all 3 categories.
    • Gray is fine, but right now they are different tones.
    • It would be good if it was a distinct color from Beta Testing, Translating, Shared Decks, and Site Feedback.
  5. Should the rest of the “overall” categories be moved out from under Anki?
    • I’m thinking about Card Design, FSRS, Learning Effectively, Scheduling, Syncing & AnkiWeb, and Translating – which apply to all editions.
  6. To reduce the color cacophony perhaps the overall categories – those in #5 plus Shared Decks and Site Feedback – could all be the same color? (This I’m really not sure about, but I’m throwing it out there.)
    • The same could work for the rest of the subcategories remaining under Anki (Add-ons, Beta Testing, and Development) – allowing Help and Suggestions stand out.
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While I don’t agree that the JS API needs its own sub-category – I have noticed that Help and Suggestions might be too limiting. I don’t know were a solution lies – renaming Help? – adding another more general sub-category? – opening the top-level categories for posts? – but I wanted to add it to the conversation.

Thanks for the suggestions; I’ll make some tweaks.

I’d updated the sidebar to display only the top-level categories, and didn’t realise it was a change I made on my personal account, instead of for all users. It should be updated for everyone now, and users can add back categories they personally want quick access to.

Discourse’s default color selection is somewhat limited, so it may be hard not to reuse the top-level colors in the subcategories as well.

The rationale is that Anki covers both the computer version, and topics common to all clients. We could have a separate top-level entry like “All Clients” instead, but I’m not sure the extra complexity is worth it. Open to a discussion about it though.

It could be called General instead. I’m not really keen on separate Help and General categories, or allowing top-level posts.