Water damage, multiple profiles problems


I am in a big trouble and i really hope someone can help me

I spilled water in my macbook, and i used anki on my computer (the app). I had multiple profiles, one for each semester. I now see that was stupid but I didnt know better.After the water damage, the macbook is dead… And the problem is now following:

When i try to get to the right profile on the ankiweb or ankidroid, i can only find 1 profile. Which is the wrong profile for the subjects i am studying at the moment.

I have 2 emails but both log me onto the same decks.

And to point out, i cant export any files, i need to get to the profiles trough my account somehow

SO are there any way of getting the other profiles back? can I get access to the Anki profiles on my old Mac from either ankidroid or ankiweb?

I can’t any data from my old Mac, it is dead.

Thanks a lot

Only a single profile can be synced to an AnkiWeb account. If you don’t have another account for the other profile or didn’t back up your data, I’m afraid you’re out of luck :frowning:

See Anki Manual


It’s quite unlikely that there is no recoverable data on the hard drive, though.

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