Vibrating and flickering cards are serious problem

Hello, on ipad and iphone the images on the cards are flickering when scrolling down.

Before the last update, cards WERE not flickering that much.

With the last update 24.04; cards and images are flickering when scrolling down during studying.

Reading the extra parts is important part of study. Since the images are flickering it is becoming impossible to read them.

On the preview mode, cards are scrolling down flawless and smoothly.

I am adding an example video for flickering.

I think this a really serious problem needs an immediate solution since it is making the study less effective.

Edit: video channels like youtube or dailymation corrects FLICKERING while uploading.(I dont know why). I am adding a icloud link for the video:{f}%3Fo%3DAv6DcyOwZETB-vsbt2YuDQ7u-szsBJHqQ_scoVuAmI7L%26v%3D1%26x%3D3%26a%3DCAogi9A8Vqz7gB6yrwabanaS65-jehWIriq6OlZclhGOxO8SeBCbguej-zEYm5Li94QyIgEAKgkC6AMA_3ji8CNSBGoQO4haBBRJVARqJpVH1z2Sa4kndm-AxO1KPBKLNHVNC2ISU1c-w898-I2YEnPfygaSciYJ8Sy2qOdEqUZeXs4UIPHM0kXg2wtGxBJ9XGKnYlMeZcjanhtj6A%26e%3D1719311829%26fl%3D%26r%3DE27700C8-A5D7-4C94-B72A-D566A74EAE43-1%26k%3D%24{uk}

Unfortunately the video link is not working for me. Would you mind trying Google Drive’s ‘anyone with the link can view’ option instead? If you could also select two problem cards in the browse screen and export them to an .apkg file, then share it, that will help me reproduce the problem.

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(AnkiDroid) After the last update, all decks with JavaScript started flickering.

Hello dae,

I hope you can view it.

Thanks for your interest and help

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I’m afraid I can’t seem to reproduce this issue. Are you scrolling with your finger, or using an external keyboard or game controller? Does the issue persist after updating your device to the latest iOS version?

I am using both my finger and the 8bit do zero 2 for the scrolling.

The flickering issue happens less frequently with the finger scrolling but still happens.

With finger scrolling it is usually when scrolling up( when i scroll with my finger to the bottom it does not flicker but then I try to scroll up with my finger to the top it starts flickering.) BUT RARELY still with finger scrolling down rarely can cause flickering but most of time it is scrolling up.

With gamepad it is both scrolling down and up. Always and every time and with every card it happens. Gamepad scrolls down with very minimal pixel movements might be the cause of issue but i am not sure.

It was not happening before the last update.(24.04) (actually it was happening but it was rare so it was not disturbing the studying session)

Btw, I have just now realized your card request. I dont think it is a card based problem because all types of my cards have the same problem. Basic, cloze, my own created ones and decks from web all card types have the same problem. But if you still want, of course i can send them to you.

My ipad has 16.0 ipadOS. Do you think updating the OS will solve the problem? Because it was not happening before the last Anki update. Also maybe the gamepad minimal scrolling down movement might be the cause. Is there a chance to change the scrolling down pixel movement of gamepad?

Because it has flow smoothly with finger scrolling with big movement.( I still cannot explian why scrolling up with finger also cause flickering)

big movement=one finger down and many pixels scroll down.

Any further helps appreciated! thanks

Hello dae, I have just updated my ipad to 17.5.1 and problem solved. Thanks for your interest.