Version anki 23-12-1 with virus?

When i try to download new version [anki-23.12.1-windows-qt6.exe] the download is aborted by macfee with msg “not possible to download due to virus”.

If try to unload with anti virus stopped but after installing it when request to start executing it says MPV.exe not found

Please help-me

mpv.exe should be in the same directory as anki.exe

This should be in your

They are both installed at the same time. Perhaps your anti-virus program interfered?

McAfee is a bad, intrusive, and inefficient antivirus, Windows defender is already good enough without using many resources from your computer, but if you want to use an Anti Virus, then check out malware bytes or kaspersky

You can view more results here: VirusTotal

Like the user said, disable McAfee completely and reinstall anki

You can also install mpv then drag to your anki folder


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