V3 Scheduler popup

yes, you are on track but here is my point … there has to be some reason that Android is running V2 and the default shipping with the Desktop version is V3. This difference may be the reason why there is the pop-up message I was asking about when opening this thread.

But if the Android V3 setting is indeed safe why is it not enabled by default like the Desktop version? It would make a lot of sense to make the V2 scheduler a legacy feature rather than active so that there is consistency between versions.

It will be the default in the next release

Ankidroid is undergoing 2.17 which aims to be 1:1 compatible with anki backend which will results in less bugs and more releases

Progress: 2.17 release Milestone · GitHub

@David @MikeHardy if 2.17 is still a ways off, perhaps it would be worth a 2.16 release that relaxes that warning?

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we’re probably going to start the beta cycle in a week - prefer to focus on that
historically our beta cycles are just a couple weeks, so early Feb for 2.17?

Sorry to any users on this thread eagerly waiting for the new AnkiDroid - it has taken a while, but as far as we are aware the current 2.17alpha is just about ready to go if you want to give it a spin with a side-by-side / parallel install Releases · ankidroid/Anki-Android · GitHub


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