"Upgrade to 2.1" message after upgrade won't go away


I’m a longtime iOS and Mac desktop user; I’ve used it daily for like 8 years now :slight_smile:

On the Mac, I just upgraded from 2.1.40 to 2.1.43 and now there’s a big message at the top:

But I just updated to the latest version and it is a 2.1 version! So I’m not sure why this message is there.

Furthermore, I can’t get it to go away :frowning: If I click “Later” it just comes back next time I re-open Anki (which is only like 40 times per day hahahaha! It’s how I relax by helping myself remember stuff rather than watching Youtube or Instagram like everyone else does haha!)

Any suggestions?
Thank you!


This is about the scheduler version, which is independent of the Anki client version. Please click “Learn more” for all further information.