Using svelte for card template

Hi, i have been writing some complex template with html and vanilla js, and it is quite troublesome. I look at anki repo and use svelte internally, is there a way to use svelte for anki template?

I am sadly no JavaScript pro. According to this page though: Getting started with Svelte - Learn web development | MDN it is relatively ‘hard’ to setup something like Svelte. You can’t just go <script src="_svelte.js">.

You would need an extra compiler inside Anki to even let Svelte do it’s job right.

Maybe someone else knows more about it. But I guess it’s not that easy to use for templates atm. There are plans to change the UI of Anki completely into Svelte. When this happens, I can imagine (not gurantee) that there would also be support for Svelte inside of templates. Don’t hope on it happening anytime soon though.

(Another option would be to somehow make an add-on which sets an extra Svelte compiler for templates. I don’t wanna know how much work this would take measured in hours).

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