Please make it clear which templating language you're using

So unfortunately I can’t add any links here, but you can find the documents in question at — I’ve moved the original templates to source/themes/demo/simple/... as previously I was using Moustache formatted raw HTML tags {{{ ... }}} in the Anki cards.

  • I was using json and .mustache front and back files (front and back cards)
  • This generated HTML demo files with Mustache.js and NPM
  • I was using the same .mustache code in both the demo and Anki desktop
  • The latest Anki updates broke that setup (see issue #56)

It seems to me that Anki uses something like Pystache but that might be liable to change. It’s not clear how much Anki deviates from the standards, as these “triple brackets” now throw an error.

It’d be helpful to be explicit what Anki uses, besides the docs. Raw HTML might break some things and be unsafe for Anki Desktop, but it’d be helpful to know what standards it does follow, especially if they’re liable to change.


Anki’s syntax is documented in the manual, and is specific to Anki.

@dae I guess that’s all I’m going to get on the subject :wink: — ok so I can assume that if it’s not somewhere in the docs (like an array or setting a variable) they’ll have no support and no guarantees going forward.

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