What's the fastest way to edit multiple (sibling) card templates?

I have a note type with around 40 cards, each of which have a slightly different template. For example, the first card might reference fields 01, 02 & 03, and the second card reference fields 02, 03 & 04, and so on. Everything else is the same.

The problem is that whenever I want to do even the slightest change, I have to manually go through all the 40+ cards and change them manually one by one which is extremely exhausting and time consuming.

Is there a better way to edit all the templates at once?

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I had the same issue, which is why I made the Asset Manager add-on.


Thanks for the addon! I’m a bit (well… completely) lost as to how to use it but I guess I’ll play around with it and try to figure it out. It would be great if someone made a video about how to use it.

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I had previously asked for parameterized cards to be added as a new feature, with a reply that it would be looked into if enough people wanted it.

I’m hoping that maybe now someone on the Anki team will note that it is a widely needed feature and that maintaining 40 similar cards (which is what I had) is a real pain in the Anki UI.

If you wish to have parameterized cards I’d added that to my AnkiScript addin - that will let you use a single master template with parameter placeholders.

Anki Script - AnkiWeb

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I use this addon too, however I also use JavaScript files in media folder as an alternative, when I want to share the code across note types and when I want to be able to edit the code in an external IDE.

I want parameterized cards too.

What exactly do you guys mean by parameterized?
(Dropped out of CS too early I guess :sweat_smile:)
This comment by @hengiesel might be related:

The AnkiScript documentation describes what I mean by parameterized cards (cf. Parameters (r-appleton.github.io)

The idea was to be able to use a list of values to create cards, with each value replacing a placeholder in the card design:

for example using a parameter list of

PERSON in [я, ты, он/она/оно, мы, вы, они]

with a card template design of

${PERSON} {{type:Russian (${PERSON})}}

would give 6 cards:

card я
я {{type:Russian (я)}}
card ты
ты {{type:Russian (ты)}}


and for me a javascript based solution does not work as I had issues with using javascript on AnkiDroid, and I wanted to be able to use both mobile and desktop clients.

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I also have this problem with Anki. Recently I started versioning my collection with CrowdAnki, then, after CrowdAnki exported my collection as Json, I edit the templates directly on it. If I need to do some batch editing of cards/notes, etc, I usually load the CrowdAnki exported Json, change the cards with Python programming and Json manipulation, save back the changed Json and import it back into Anki with CrowdAnki. I was thinking about using anki-connect, but as Anki is constantly changing the interface, Anki Connect would probably require more work from me by fixing its interface with Anki. Anyways, Jsons are awesome, so, I will try to stick with them for now.