Using Anki in a Quizlet way


I really would like to use Anki like what can be done with Quizlet:
In a way which makes me ask all my flashcards in a totally random way, with only myself deciding if the card is learnt or not.
My problem is the fact that because off all the very inteligent functionnalities of Anki, Anki decides how many flashcards, which flashcards, when, and if I have to go on learning them or not.
Can anyone plase help me in selecting the right options in Anki so as to decide only myself the cards I want to be asked and the ones I think that I know?
I tried a lot to put Anki options that way but I could not manage…
Thanks a lot in advance, and sorry not to use Anki in the normal way.


You already decide if a card is learnt or not:

You can use filtered decks for custom study:

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