Use a custom url protocol for add-ons instead of copy-pasting codes

I’ll copy a message of a Discord user:

why doesn’t anki use a custom url protocol for add-ons instead of copy-pasting codes? I feel like that would be a lot more user-friendly

like anki registers its custom protocol while installing and then the add-on page would have an “Add to Anki” button whose link is something like anki://ID and pressing the button just sends the id to anki


The add-ons code can be used for batch downloading and sharing.

For example, you can use this code to batch download Pokemnaki, Progress Bar, Anki Killstreaks, and Leaderboard. It is also possible to distribute about 50+ add-ons at once.

1677779223 1562475180 175794613 1708250053

So if advanced Anki users want to batch download add-ons or share their add-ons with friends, I think the numerical code is more convenient than the custom URL.

And you can get the code of the add-ons you are currently using from “debug Info”.

  • Help → about → Copy Debug Info
===IDs of active AnkiWeb add-ons===
1677779223 1562475180 175794613 1708250053...
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I mean the copy-pasting would still be an option. No one is saying the custom url should replace the current method. It’s just a more user-friendly additional method.

Plus, it can be implemented in such a way that you can still have multiple id’s in a url. Like for example anki://ID+ID+ID. This wouldn’t be on the page of a specific add-on of-course but it would be a link that Anki can accept regardless of where it comes from (e.g. a non-official webpage, sent by friend… etc.).


I have been working on an add-on that adds a custom URL protocol:


Tbh I personally feel like this should be the native way of installing add-ons because it’s a lot more user-friendly imo but I guess we’ll see where the suggestion goes.

Really cool add-on idea though!